Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our very own handmade product !

Hey there! Here's an update for our handmade charms! ;) 
Enjoy !

candycane unicornz, halloween themed cat, lollistick, candy roll, gift sock, SMS icon,
glowy green poo, glowy orange poo, marshmallow2, snowman, sweet tooth, elmo.

much love, 


Aren't they're lovely? 
I had so much fun doing these!
p/s: The chain are from an old bracelet that I rarely use 
so I upgraded it into these cutesy spherical bracelet!

the spiral charms are :
from the first photo (left-right)
spiral mixed, spiral, glitzy, spiral & studded. 

Will update more stuff such as phone strap, necklaces, etc.
Keep in touch!


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