Sunday, November 20, 2011



1) If you want me to review your blog, please do!
That's what this blog is meant for! Just email us at : and give us your blog link.
If you want us to review certain things, please stated yeah? (e.x: Bags, or Dresses, or Tops, etc.)
And in the mean time, I hope you support us too! by posting our link/icon on your blog, etc.

2) The space for advertisement is available. Click on the ''Place Your Ads Here'' tab for further information or just email us at

3) All the stuff I posted is not mine to sell or anything unless stated.
To purchase the item, kindly click on the name of the item.
And it will direct you to the owner of the blog shop
*we include their url for better managing*

4) P/S : This blog is specially made to REVIEW other blog shop. Please take note :)

I hope you all enjoy my blog and keep supporting!!

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