Saturday, December 17, 2011

What do ya think??

are you in2 scarf?
Guess what?
Here they areeeee!

RM 29 each


Maxi dress is sooo in ryte?
Y don't cha help yourself with this cutie pie??
Manarin Orange Maxi

RM 49
RM 44

Grab em :

something you gonna need

F21 inspired American flag tank
RM 39

Union Jack is in trend. y don't cha step up and wear American flag instead?

Willabelle Lace Short 
RM 35

One glace, you'd say its a skirt.
No. It's a short!!
Perfect for those girls who like lace-y stuff! :)

Grab em :

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


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Monday, December 12, 2011

Cheap & Cool

1 - Purple Stripe Lace RM 25
2 - Pinky Flower Dress RM 25
3 - Flower Dots Jacket RM 25
4 - Hello Kitty iPhone Case RM 40 (both) or RM 25 (one)


Style up!

Don't you get tired when it comes 2 jacket?
the old plains one, is so last season.
But this fancy thing is never boring!
You're gonna look sporty although you're not :p

RM 130


this is nawt a plain striped pink top.
It's a H&M !
Instead of those tight looking tops,
this is more 'flowy' since it's loose!
feel free in this loose top ! 
you will always be comfy :))

RM 65

Grab 'em both at

Sweet Sensational

1 - Minty Blue
2 - Black
- Green
4 - Orange Pink

Don't cha think these would look so sweet for you ?
Don't waste your time thinking!
Get 'em noww!

RM 30


Hmmm. Bored of all those plain scrunchies? or the plain hairband? or the normal looking headband?
try using these on your head! they will never look to simple to be bother ;)

RM 18.90

Both are available at :